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CLASSES, CLASSES, CLASSESWe will teach you all the basics plus advanced techniques, too. It’s all fun and easy to learn. Open Class is where you can learn the basics plus any technique you want. The classroom use fee is $4.00. You supply all the materials or you can do a color use fee if colors are available.

Open Class times are:
Tuesday – 1pm to 4pm
Thursday – 1pm to 4pm
Saturday – 1pm to 4pm
Sunday – 1pm to 4pm

Greenware, Greenware, Greenwarewe have the largest selection of greenware in the valley from which you can choose your projects. If it is not in stock, our fantastic casters will make it for you from our selection of over 19,000 molds.

Color Products, Color Products, Color Products- We have many color lines such as Doc Holliday, Gare, Colors for Earth, Duncan, Kimple, Colorobbia, Mayco, and Fashenhues.

Glass, Glass, Glass - We have a large selection COE96 glass for fusing. We teach basic glass jewelry classes, figurine classes of animal standups, glass bowls,plate classes, glass flowers and as well as glass painting techniques.

Come and check us out at 40801 N. Coyote Road. We are about 1 mile East of Ironwood on the corner of Ocotillo and Coyote. Click for Map.